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My name is Kyle Miller and I was born in beautiful and sunny Santa Monica, California. I took my first yoga class almost ten years ago, when I stumbled into Maha Yoga looking for a great workout and absolutely loved the high energy, sweaty and joyful practice. At first, yoga was a completely physical practice for me. I went to work out and I often had to “drag” myself to class. Over the years of practicing, as I’ve learned more about yoga and immersed myself in its philosophy, I have experienced the profound effect it can have on the mental, spiritual and emotional self. Now yoga class is something I crave everyday as a means of rejuvenation for my entire being.

In January 2007, I graduated from UCLA, moved to New York and took my first class at Jivamukti Yoga. Initially, I was completely resistant to the style at Jivamukti because it was so different from the yoga I had been practicing. As I attended more and more classes, and began learning the philosophy of yoga and the concept of living yoga everyday, I was hooked and inspired to become a teacher myself. I wanted to live my life in a positive way and help others through this practice that was bringing so much happiness and strength into my life.

I trained at Sonic Yoga in NYC in late 2007 and at an Ayurvedic Hospital in Coonoor, India in early 2008 (read all about it in the Training Story section). When I returned from India I felt ready to conquer the world and start teaching. In 2010, I graduated from Jivamukti’s Teacher Training and am thrilled to be a Jivamukti teacher! I have established a thriving private practice with wonderful students throughout Manhattan. I’ve taught in offices, showrooms, living rooms and even a gallery space! I love helping my students get into a pose they never thought they would be able to and seeing their faces at the end of class, inevitably calmer and more joyous than at the beginning.


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