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Eating Animals

March 7, 2011

My friends Barry and Larry.

I just finished Jonathan Safran Foers’ amazing book Eating Animals.  It’s an informative look at animal farming in America, written from his incredibly relatable perspective in his humorous and enjoyable voice.  Foers examines the issue from every side and the research that went into this book is truly exhaustive.  If you want to know about where your food comes from, how animal farming affects the environment, and how animals are treated before they end up in the supermarket, this book is a must read.  Foers is honest about his struggle with eating meat throughout his life and looks at the issue in an extremely personal way, so that he can tell his own child an honest answer about where the food we eat coms from.

Yoga is inseparable from diet.  The deeper you go into your practice, the more intertwined your life outside the mat and the values learned from the yogic scriptures and from your teachers become.  Once you become aware of certain things, you can’t ignore them.  Yogis want to act in a way that doesn’t cause harm and suffering to other beings and once you know about the cruelty inherent in eating meat, the choice to abstain becomes obvious.  Food is a personal choice and one every person must make for themselves.  Informing yourself about animal farming and defining your own values is essential to making the right choice for you.  Reading this book is a great way to introduce yourself to the truths behind the meat we so blindly eat.

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  1. September 1, 2013 2:05 am

    As an eater of meats I do understand the arguments both for and against. If I was the one who decided what we all ate it would not be animal matter but I do love my bacon, what can I say but sorry…

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