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New Year… What to do first?

January 3, 2011

We'll get to this, first things first though!

This month the focus at Jivamukti is on 3 simple steps that a profound and magical teacher taught our beloved, holy Sharon Gannon.  He told her that before she could reach enlightenment, she must master 3 things:

  • 1. Cooking-You have to learn how to become a good cook;
  • 2. Cleaning-You have to learn how to keep the place where you live clean and organized; and
  • 3. Gardening-You have to know how to grow, nurture and care for plants.

How does this relate to yoga?  Why is this important as part of our spiritual practice.  After resisting this advice at first as mundane, Sharon finally realized that these three steps were essential to her spiritual growth.  She writes, “Without mastering the seemingly ordinary basics of living, no spiritual maturity, much less real spiritual evolution, is possible. One has to first grasp the magic in the ordinary before the extraordinary dawns, and once it does the everyday is the same as it was before-only sweeter.”  We have to up our consciousness level so that doing the mundane and everyday of our lives can become our spiritual practice, then washing the dishes can be as magical as taking the best yoga class.

For me, cleaning and cooking are everything (need to work on gardening).  Making food for others is the sweetest offering you can give so why not learn how to do it.  Cleaning, and I know this might sound insane, can be the most rewarding activity. When you are feeling out of control, immobilized, or stuck, cleaning your living space feels like a million bucks.  Whenever I need a fresh start, I organize and clean, and it helps to settle the whirling thoughts racing through my mind.  These are those basic steps that make travelling further on the path towards enlightenment (bliss!! joy!! happiness!!) possible.  So get to it, clean up your room and try making a fresh salad for dinner and sharing it with the people you love.  Enlightenment to follow…

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