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Cooler Cleanse Conclusion

July 7, 2010

Looking at New Jersey from the West Side Highway... my favorite place in the city.

Doing the Cooler Cleanse was an amazing experience.  It is such a functional, easy way to nourish your body. And that’s how I felt after day 5, not run down, starving or insane, but nourished and healthy.  The juices are so packed with everything you need that you can thrive while on this cleanse.

The most important thing in preparing for a cleanse is just to think about it, to prepare yourself mentally for what might come up when your ultimate comfort, FOOD, is pulled out of the equation.  The more time and energy you devote to preparing yourself, the easier it is to stay on track and stay positive during the cleanse.  Setting an intention, or goal with the cleanse that is elevated (even just slightly) from the mundane and obvious “I want to drop lbs” can give the cleanse a greater meaning.  Like setting an intention before an asana practice, you can infuse the cleanse with meaning and make it an even more cathartic experience.

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