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Cooler Cleanse: Day Three

June 30, 2010

Watercolor by my friend's mom, Kim McCarty... Love it!

What a manageable and doable cleanse this has been so far, no light-headedness, no freak outs, no break downs, and yet I definitely feel that I am doing something beneficial for my body and mind. Practicing is an absolute joy!  You would think that I would feel tired and weak but instead I feel strong, capable and clear.  Still loving the juices, especially the grapefruit and mint and the Essential Red, so delicious, and so long as I plan, plan, plan, it’s been no problem drinking one every 2-3 hours.

Been reading An Offering of Leaves by (Lady) Ruth Lauer-Manenti and it is so sweet and wonderful.  If you have just 3 minutes before bed it’s lovely to read one of her teachings before drifting off.  In her chapter called “Bending the Rules,” she translates verse 15, chapter one from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika beautifully:

These are the guidelines to help the yogi on their journey to enlightenment.  Following an inner voice, the yogi travels to the heart of oneself.  During this process, friendliness, silence, and love grow.  One becomes sensitive to all of life, and the whole world becomes one’s family.  This journey is blocked by keeping the stomach overfull, straining one’s self, overworking physically or mentally, constantly blabbering, following the rules blindly and rigidly, watching television, and lacking order, discipline, and routine in one’s life.  These obstacles, or distractions, should be discarded, so that one’s energy can be used for spiritual purposes.

Easier said then done, but it’s definitely something to think about.  Sweet dreams…

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