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Cooler Cleanse: Day Two

June 29, 2010

My fridge, when the delivery first came Monday morning! Crazy, rt?

Today I have really been thinking about the power of intention.  How sequencing and planning a series of events prepares you to move through anything with grace and ease.  Sharon and David are always reminding us that the intention determines the outcome.  If you set an intention beyond simply affecting your gross physical body, you can use a cleanse to go on a journey inside.

Vi= in order; Niyasa= to place consciously; Vinyasa= to consciously place in order

Like the beautiful progression of movements and connection between breath and movement that happens when we practice vinyasa, you can use this level of awareness to move through life, too.  I feel prepared for the cleanse and energized.  Practicing is an absolute pleasure right now because my body is flexible and light.  I am loving the juices and drinking one every 2 hours keeps me from ever getting light-headed.  Any times where I have wavered or questioned (chitta vritti), I have easily been able to resolve myself back to my intention and think clearly.  Jai taught a beautiful class at Jivamukti this afternoon, that had us moving so consciously through time and space that it really brought everything together for me today.  If you feel unsteady (ever), connect with someone and it can make you feel grounded again.  So grateful my friend Kate is doing the cleanse with me, and for all of my friends, students, and teachers who support me every day.

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  1. Chip permalink
    June 30, 2010 12:08 am


    Really insightful blog. Im signed up! The past 2 days have felt like an uphill battle just pushing my practice. Probably a correlation to pressure from work, deadlines, family etc. It was so great meeting you following an amazing practice today. You are truly an inspiration. In reading Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda writes of meeting yogis and these saints that existed on pretty much sunlight and water (and even water was in moderation), and they lived long healthy lives. As we embark on our fasts its nice to know we’ll be fine with what we have.

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