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Why Group Class is So Amazing…

April 8, 2010

In Sharon Gannon’s latest book, Yoga and Vegetarianism, she writes all about how the ancient scriptures of Raja Yoga aka Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras support the yogi following a vegetarian/vegan diet.  Sharon is not afraid of courageously standing up against the norm to fight for what she believes in.  She deftly weaves animal rights, discourse on compassion, and the path of yoga into a manifesto in favor of a vegetarian diet, and she does it all in an easy to read, thoroughly enjoyable, little book .

I was reading the book last night and I found this paragraph I absolutely love, in her chapter on Asana. She writes:

Through communal yoga practice, as we experience the wonder of breathing together in a variety of ways, Self-confidence arises.  Through chanting mantras and prayers, adding our voices to the choir, a greater sense of well-being develops.  When we practice asana together, rhythmically moving in tune with breath and intention, we overcome debilitating estrangement, as we feel a part of a greater community.

If you come to Jivamukti, you can let your insecurities melt away as you practice with the community of devoted students.  In fact you can feel and develop this sense of community where-ever you practice, as long as you can feel the warm sensation of connection.  To me, this coming together of like-minded individuals, the satsang that is a group yoga class, is the most powerful tool for changing ourselves and effecting change in the world.  When we realize we are not alone in our desire and search to be happy, when we can start to see ourselves in everyone, the veil of separateness begins to thin and we are experiencing union.

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