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Breathe Your Body

January 22, 2010

Amazing work by my friend, Ben Milch.

In yoga, the breath saves us, guides us, takes us.  The breath allows us to perform the asana practice with a mind that is connected, focused, and quiet.  Focusing on the breath forces the mind to let go of all the other thoughts that want to crowd in there, and gives us the space to be in the present moment.  The breath gives us the physical strength and peace of mind to be able to deal with whatever is in front of us.  If you take a deep breath, controlled, steady and with awareness, you can immediately feel the effect it has on your entire being.

The more you breathe, and develop your lung capacity and strength, the more you can feel your breath breathing your body.  On a deep inhale, everything expands away from the center and on the exhale it retreats and the body is empty again.  When you practice breathing and infuse it with awareness, your breath becomes the most powerful tool, on and off the mat.

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