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Trikonasana: Triangle Pose

December 4, 2009

What can you see in this picture that I could improve on? It could be a lot better!

I love this pose!  When you have been holding Warrior II and the teacher tell you to press your front leg straight and you can feel the release of all of the muscles of the thigh, and it feels so good.  Reaching forward for triangle pose, takes the stretch and release to the next level.

To do this pose start in Warrior II and then press the front leg straight.  Check your hips out.  Make sure they are open, level and facing the side.  Then extend forward, reaching out over your front leg, cutting the front hip back. Release the front arm onto your shin, ankle or the floor behind your foot extending the back arm straight up to the ceiling.  The shoulders and arms should be in one dynamic line.  Make sure you are not collapsing on either side of the body, but the sides are strong and elongated.  Gently spin the chest open, rotation the lower hip under the top hip, and follow this motion through the torso and chest.  Turn your head to look up at your raised hand, completing the opening rotation from the base or you spine through your cervical vertebrae.  Elongate your neck and feel your spine extending away from your hips.  Take a few deep steady breaths into the hips.  Then strengthen your legs and push down through your feet to lift up to standing.  Then switch sides.

This pose is an amazing stretch for the hips, spine, side of the body and the intercostal muscles between the ribs. It also tones the legs and creates strength, while maintaining openness in the hips.  Give it a try!  I swear it feels good!

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  1. Harper permalink
    December 8, 2009 1:17 am

    Someone’s body looks amazing!!

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