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Let’s Meditate

November 25, 2009

Sunsets never get old to me.

Go to an empty room.  Sit on a small cushion or pillow in whatever position is comfortable.  Straighten your spine and close your eyes.  Allow your palms to rest on your knees.  As you inhale, silently say “let” and as your exhale, say “go.” 

When thoughts come into your mind, let them go.  When discomfort in your body starts provoking your attention, let it go.  Sit still.  Be quiet.  Create space in your mind.  As you come out of your meditation (try for 5 minutes), think about what you are thankful for.  Go through the people in your life who you are grateful for, the experiences, your mind and your body.  Say thankyou and when you open your eyes you will feel grounded, uplifted and lucky.

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