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Karma Yoga

November 2, 2009

My friend Lyssette's in the middle.

Do something good for someone else. Do it without the expectation of benefit for yourself and you’ll be surprised what you get in return. I recently taught a class at the Reciprocity Foundation and it made me feel so good.

From The Reciprocity Foundation’s website:

Taz Tagore and Adam Bucko founded the Reciprocity Foundation to enable homeless and high-risk youth and young adults to permanently exit the social services system and start meaningful, sustainable careers in the Creativity Economy (e.g. fashion, design, marketing, PR). The Reciprocity Foundation aims to build a national network of programs to enable homeless youth to enroll in college, secure hands-on work experiences and build a professional network in their field of interest. Currently, their work is focused on the thousands of homeless youth in New York City; in the future, the Reciprocity Foundation plans to expand into cities such Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Austin.

Thank you to my friend Lyssette, who invited me to teach there.  The ability in your own life to help and serve others is an incredible gift and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

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