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Health and Meditation

October 30, 2009

A tree by Van Gogh. See how it's spinning out of control?

From Clean, on our mental health:

My initial experience with meditation gave me hope and a clear goal, to silence my mind.  I am still working on that goal for myself.  But whatever ability I have gained to quiet my own mind allows me to recognize a similar level of distraction and the constant loop of thinking and worry in my patients.  It is rampant in modern life; unproductive thinking rules us and controls our lives.  We get stuck not just in habits of eating that hurt us and drain the energy necessary for our body’s needs, but stuck in incessant thoughts.

I can so relate to what he is saying.  Loops of unproductive thought drain me and get me nowhere. And I do think it’s a problem that so many people are stuck in, the inability to find some silence and space in the mind and the repitition of uncontrollable thoughts.  Meditation is a practice for clearing out the mind and controlling the thoughts.  You practice making space, 5 minutes a day, and eventually it’s there. Without some kind of focus, the mind is like a monkey, jumping and grasping at whatever thoughts it can.  But through one pointed focus and concentration, which naturally give way to meditation, you can begin to control your thoughts and create peace within yourself.

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