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Kindred Spirits, Open Heart

October 14, 2009
They're amazing cd.

Their amazing cd.

Kirtan, kirtan, kirtan!!!  Asana followed by kirtan (devotional, call and response chanting of ancient mantras and the names of gods and goddesses) is an amazing combination that opens up your body, fills your heart up and frees your mind.  My beautiful yoga friend Nahdi and I had been looking forward to today all week… asana class with Narayani at Jivamukti followed by kirtan with As Kindred Spirits.

The first time I saw/heard/experienced As Kindred Spirits was during an asana class taught by Nahdi at Jivamukti (you might remember my super-estatic post about it) so I was so looking forward to the experience.  The energy they create through the vibration of they’re music is incredible!  It was so nice to do the kirtan after practicing because my body was open and my mind and heart were ready to be filled with positive energy.  And they delivered!  I was jumping around and dancing and singing and clapping and stomping my feet and feeling totally free!!  No judgment, no fear… all openness.  Radhe Govinda!!!

This is an awesome video of Guara Vani and As Kindred Spirits performing at the Chant4Change event celebrating Obama’s inauguration.  Guara Vani and As Kindred Spirits are up on the stage, sitting behind the amazing, standing drummers.


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