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True Devotion

October 5, 2009
Eyes on the bridge to Isle St. Louis.

Eyes on the bridge to Isle St. Louis.

I just found the most beautiful, devotional, pure, humble, graceful blog made by a woman in India named Priya Ram. On Mahatma Gandhi, she writes:

Mahatma Gandhi holds a special place in my heart. Gandhi Jayanti is a day for remembering the Mahatma. His heart bled for the poor and his love for his country is an example for all to follow.

He is an inspiration not only for Indians but also for millions across the world. His strength lie in his spiritual beliefs. Ahimsa(non-violence) and Satya(truth) were his weapons which brought an entire British rule to an end in India. An ordinary man with a lean figure has become an icon and a legend.

Gandhiji, lovingly called Bapu believed in non-violence. His protests were a show of his indomitable strength. Even the britishers had great respect for Mahatma for his high ideals and love for mankind. His books are an inspiration to many. Lets celebrate the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi this Gandhi Jayanti.

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