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Words From My Teacher

September 14, 2009
Rose from my mom's garden.

A rose from my mom's garden.

My most incredible, gracious, loving teacher Rima wrote the focus of the month at Jivamukti for September.  This is an excerpt from her beautiful writing on Amma.  “The aim of yoga is to recognize the divine essence in all of creation, to realize that we are all connected. To attain this wisdom, it is helpful to start connecting with one other living being by extending something of ourselves – a kind word, a gentle touch, a smile of acknowledgment. When instead of seeing others only in our peripheral vision, we actually turn to face them and acknowledge them, the way we often acknowledge one another in a yoga class, we begin to shrink the divide between ourselves and others, we begin to experience togetherness, hence yoga. Yoga means to join.”

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  1. Harper permalink
    September 14, 2009 1:59 pm

    coming to jivamukti right now!

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