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Happy Janmashtami

August 14, 2009

Rajasthani (Indian) Folk Art - Marvelous close Hand Painting Of Lord Krishna in Ras Leela [1] crp2Yesterday was Janmashtami Day.  Janmashtami Day is a worldwide celebration of Krishna’s birthday and is one of the biggest celebrations in India, especially for Krishna-devotees, Hindus and bhakti yogis (devotional yogis).  During this celebration/festival, people flock to Mathura and Vrindavan where Krishna was born to pray and be blessed at the temples there.  All over, people join in kirtan, chant holy mantras and worship idols of Krishna to celebrate him.  Krishna has many avatars (incarnations) including that of the Supreme Soul and the God above all others.  As I was reading about this holiday, I was struck by the similarities in Krishna’s story and in that of Jesus.

sri_krishna_janmashtami143Krishna was born to poor, enslaved parents, under the rule of his maternal uncle, Kansa.  His parents knew he would be murdered by his uncle so he transformed into a baby (he was born as an adult, with 4 arms, carrying the 4 weapons of a conch, disc, club and lotus) and his parents exchanged him with a girl in a nearby village.  His father, Vasudeva, carried him across the Yamuna River as the seas parted to make their journey possible.  He found a newborn girl that belonged to a family of cowherds and took her, leaving Krishna.

When Kansa saw the girl, he bashed her against a stone and killed her.  She immediately transformed and became the Goddess Durga, and pronounced “The enemy you contemplate is living somewhere else. You are a fool to hurt innocent children. Krishna will kill you.”   Krishna avoided death, even after Kansa enlisted the demon Putana to kill all newborns.  Putana disguised herself as a giant, beautiful woman and offered to breastfeed Krishna.  She had poison on her nipples and her intention was to kill him, however, being thesupreme God, he sucked the life from her without any injury to himself.sri_krishna_janmashtami145

The gopis (elder woman of the village) took him in, and tried to protect him.  As Srila Prabhuapada explains in his book on Krishna, “The elderly gopis of Vrindavana were so absorbed in affection for Krishna that they wanted to save Him, although there was no need to, for He had already protected Himself. They could not understand that Krishna was the Supreme Personality of Godhead playing as a child.”  The light mischief Krishna got into as a child and the games he played are what led to the creation of music, art, literature and dance.  This divine play is called lila.  A famous story explains how Krishna stole ghee to feed to the monkeys.  Images of Krishna as a child often show him playing with pots of ghee and milk because of this.

n238483075211_3554After enduring more attempts on his life, and revealing the true nature of himself, Krishna killed evil Kansa, with the help of his brother Balarama.  Essentially, the story of Krishna is the story of good overcoming evil and of liberation conquering bondage.  From the Bhagavad Gita, on Krishna, “Whenever and wherever dharma declines and a-dharma reigns, then and there do I appear to liberate my beloved devotees, rectify misdeeds, and rebuild righteousness.” (Bhagavad Gita 4.7-8).

His story of growing up goes on and on and there are lots of attempts on his life I left out before he kills Kansa, as well as stories after he kills Kansa and becomes a pirince in the court of Yadu with his brother and falls in love with the beautiful Radha. If you’re interested in Janmashtami, check out this website.  And if you want to continue reading about his childhood, click here.  HARE KRISHNA!!!!!

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  1. August 15, 2009 2:13 am

    how, hi r u? fuckin a. i was told max’s surprise party was formal. it wasn’t. i wore a suit. the other lads wore plaid shirts and those horrendous boating shoes. rolled up jeans, no socks, raw ankle. what the fuck? i felt like a prick. i had a hair loaf. im going in for loaf reduction procedure soon (aka a haircut). essentially i looked like gene simmons meets pee wee herman (it was a slim grey suit). i sat in the corner and drank tequila. that is all. life is medium, then u die. say hi to ur air conditioning unit for me. he’s my boy. those are some wild sounds he makes in the night. a friendly reminder of how hard he works to keep ya cool. kinda like fake coughing to get someone’s attention.

    • August 15, 2009 10:39 am

      Sorry about that raw ankle experience… the absolute pits. we at kyle miller yoga are always here for you. my ac says hi, too. xxxxxxxxxx and thanks for reading. wibble this.

  2. August 15, 2009 2:14 am

    ps– this krishna cat sounds like the real deal

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