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Yoga in LA

August 1, 2009
sun setting in malibu.

sun setting in malibu.

Coming to Los Angeles and going to yoga is a total homecoming for me.  LA is where I first took yoga and the classes they offer here are distinct from those in New York.  In LA, yoga is about getting into amazing shape and sweating it out.  People want to be physically challenged and pushed to the limit.  In New York (at least in my experience) the practice is a little bit more about the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.  There is more focus on the the goal of yoga and on living a yogic lifestyle.

Taking Tom Morley‘s class at Maha Yoga is like going to a party.  Its very social, and people are giggling, talking, laughing and dancing throughout the super-sweaty vinyasa flow.  The music blasts from the speakers, and the playlist has some of the same songs he’s has been playing since I was in high school taking his class 10 years ago.  He always starts with Bob Marley’s Natural Mysitc which I absolutely love.  The consistency of his playlist and flow really make his class enjoyable.  The space is filled with light and right in the heart of Brentwood (San Vicente and 26th).  If you are in Los Angeles, its a must try.

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  1. Harper permalink
    August 18, 2009 10:31 pm

    “take me there, i want to go there” – blackstreet featuring mya


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