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Samadhi: The Eighth Limb

July 21, 2009
sky over the Nilgiris.

sky over the Nilgiris.

Samadhi is the final limb of Ashtanga yoga and the goal and purpose of yoga.  It is the experience of truth, bliss, and ecstasy.  It is Self-realization and enlightenment.  It is the ultimate experience of union, merging with the source and truly understanding that we are all the same.  In samadhi there is no distinction between knower, knowable and knowledge because there is no differentiation.  If in Dharana we look at the water and Dhyana we are in the water, in Samadhi we have become the water.  We are that which we meditate upon and so much more because we are limitless.

What does this mean to our physical form?  Do we spontaneously burst at the moment of Samadhi or do we remain in our bodies?  There are different levels of Samadhi and it can be both a temporary and permanent experience.  In permanent, nirbija (seedless) samadhi we leave our bodies and and merge with the cosmos, however I think you can remain in your body in the experience of temporary samadhi and in the other levels of samadhi.  Go find an enlightened being and ask them :).


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