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The Best Body-Worker in NYC

July 17, 2009
kang sang practicing on the harmonium. 

kang sang practicing on the harmonium.

Do you like it rough?  This amazing man playing the harmonium, perched before an altar, gave me a massage last week and it was awesome.  I was screaming on the table… he is insanely strong!  He really knows the body and truly worked all of the tension out of my muscles.  Even my calves… I didn’t even know they were tense.  He knows so many different styles of massage, including Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology and Acupressure and he is very experienced, so his massages are incredibly healing.  If you can handle the pain, I recommend you call him for a session (you can book it through Jivamukti).

I was practicing my Thai Yoga Massage on a friend last night, and it is really amazing to see how therapeutic doing bodywork on someone can be.  Rubbing the muscles and redirecting their attention back within their own body is a powerful method for achieving wellness ad relaxation.  I can’t wait till I complete my certification and feel more confident in my own abilities.

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  1. Jon Hill permalink
    July 23, 2009 1:00 am

    I always knew you liked it rough. I am very proud of you Kyle. This blog has become something very awesome. You are very special to me. Keep doing those downward dogs you little hottie. Lots of love…

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