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Pincha Mayurasana: Forearm Stand

June 30, 2009
the most beautiful interpretation of forearm stand with a partner.

the most beautiful interpretation.

yoga in the park.

yoga in the park.












Pincha Mayurasana is one of my favorite poses.  Once you can find the balance, you body lifts right up and is completely, effortlessly supported by your forearms.  Doing this with a partner is a beautiful interpretation of the pose.  I first saw this done on the cover of The Art of Yoga by Sharon and David. Then I saw my friends Nahdi and Luis, 2 amazing teachers from Jivamukti, do the pose.  Right now it is on a flyer for Jivamukti Yoga in the Park, featuring Charlotte and another teacher I’m afraid to say I don’t know. Regardless, they look amazing.  

I remember when I thought getting into forearm stand would be impossible.  Thanks to my teachers, I can lift up and hold the pose comfortably now.  I have even been able to help my friends and students get into this pose, which is truly rewarding.  If you want to be able to get in this pose, or at least give it a shot I recommend taking a class with Sandhi. She is an amazing acro-yogi and gives the best instructions for getting into inversions (she’s teaching an inversion immersion at Jivamukti on July 19th).  If you want to give it a try yourself come into dolphin pose (downward dog on your forearms) making sure that you wrists, elbows, and shoulders line up.  Look forward and pull your shoulders back in space so they are directly above your elbows.  Slowly walk your feet towards your hands.  When your hips are very high, lift one leg up.  Bend your standing leg, lowering the raised leg. Then straighten the standing leg extending the other leg back into the air.  Do this a couple times creating some momentum.  Kick off the standing leg, catching some air.  Try it again until you can hold yourself up.  You should really try this for the first time with a teacher or else you could hurt yourself.  Just remember that it is possible.

Nadhi and Luis!

Nadhi and Luis!

me and a friend.. it was our first try!!!!  we'll get better!

me and a friend.. it was our first try!!!! we'll get better!

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  1. Tamar permalink
    July 6, 2009 12:00 am

    That’s Jessica Perry with Charlotte in Central Park

  2. July 6, 2009 9:34 am

    Thanks, Tamar! How did I not recognize her?!

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