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Neti Pot

June 28, 2009
really cool neti pot with the om symbol.

really cool neti pot with the om symbol.


Have you ever neti pot-ed?? You must give it a try!  A neti pot is is a small little peice of ceramic or metal that looks like a mini teapot.  It’s used to flush the nasal cavities with salt water. It makes your breathing clear, opens up your nasal passages, and flushes pollution, mucus, and irritants out of your sinuses.  Neti pots comes from India and using them to clean the nasal passages is both an Ayurvedic and Yogic practice.  In Ayurveda, using a neti pot is a daily practice, performed in the morning.  Ayurveda is the science of health.  It is the ancient, all encompassing, lifestyle-based method for maintaining health and wellness.  Its about maintaining perfect health rather then treating illness.  

Fill the neti pot with warm salt water, lean over the sink, tilt your head and pour the water in one nostril letting it trickle out the other.  You can also pour it in one nostril and spit it out your mouth.  Immediately, your breathing will be clear and all the mucous in your head will be in the sink.



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