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Master Cleanse: Day 3

May 27, 2009

Was actually feeling ok today, until the afternoon approached.  I could feel myself starting to zone out and my vision get a little blurry.  This is so hard!!!  I took a yoga class even though I was beginning to fade and it felt really good.  The cleanse definitely makes twisting postures easier, probably because my system is so cleaned out.  I was surprised by how strong my body felt during the practice (more proof that the struggle is really all mental).  I fell asleep in savasana (final relaxation pose), which I do sometimes anyways, but I have to say I did not want to get up at all and could have stayed passed out on the floor of the classroom for a couple more hours.  Thankfully, I’m in bed now and able to rest and have an early night.  Wondering if I am insane and thinking about delicious salads and fruit and peanut butter….


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