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Spiritual Food: Kirtan!

April 28, 2009

gauraI went to the most amazing yoga class Sunday afternoon.  My incredible and very talented friend Nahdi taught a class with a kirtan group called Gaura Vani that was truly inspiring.  The band had 3 singers (although at different points they all started chanting), an electric guitarist, a harmonium player who also played a bamboo flute and an amazing drummer.  Their music gently poured out of them in an ebb and flow of beautiful sound until it rushed forth in a stream of feeling.  They got the class going!!  At one point the class broke out into dance with everyone moving to the sound in their own way.  Feeling a sense of devotion, sweating and working hard in the warm room, and listening to the amazing music Nahdi arranged, uplifted me way beyond my expectations.  Vibration was palpable in the room and it truly infected the class with a sense of spirituality, gratitude and spontaneous joy.  Spiritual food!

Kirtan is ecstatic chanting and music and it is a truly liberating and amazing experience.  You cast aside all of your reservations, fear, and insecurity and get lost in the joyous energy of the musicians.  They chant and flow through mantras in a way that feels truly spiritual.  When you feel inspired you are welcome to join in, dance, clap, chant, do whatever feels good.  I know it sounds kind of radical and crazy, but if you can let yourself go there the experience is amazing. 

Nahdi on halloween dressed as a diety

Nahdi on halloween dressed as a deity... pretty hot!!!

Nahdi teaches at Jivamukti and Pure Yoga.  I highly recomend taking her classes, she’s the coolest teacher!


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