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Music Brings the People Together

April 3, 2009
modern art in india... yeah, the pic doesn't really go with the post but I thought it was cool. modern art in india… yeah, the pic doesn’t really go with the post but I thought it was cool.

Music brings people together, makes us feel happy, and connects us to one another.  We can all appreciate the beautiful coming together of sound and vibration that is music, and this in and of itself, unites us.  It’s a natural extension to use music to tap into our universal sense of interconnectedness and joy in the practice of yoga.  I love music because it changes the way I feel and brings me back to earth.

I’ve made 3 playlists, for 3 1 hour sessions… Check them out!

Playlist 1 is very spiritual and gorgeous.  It will relax you from the inside out just by listening to the sacred and ancient mantras that are sung by the artists.  Listen to this playlist when you need to relax your nervous system and tap into some higher power.  It will make you feel grounded and uplifted.

Playlist 2 is cool, calm and fun.  This is the kind of playlist I use a lot.  To me, it’s mellow and enjoyable and works for am and pm classes.  Girl Power!!

Playlist 3 is really what I’m into listening to and practicing to right now.  Can’t get enough Fleetwood Mac!! (Just saw them at Madison Square Garden and dare I say, it was a spiritual experience!!)  Chief is an awesome band my friends are in… be sure to check them out, too.  Listen to this playlist to wake up, rock out, be joyful.  Works for me!!

Go listen to some music, close your eyes, and move your body. Think about the way music is universal and feel connected to every other being on this planet.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hil permalink
    April 3, 2009 11:48 am

    Kyle – You are a multimedia goddess. This post will rock my house while putting me into a yoga trance. Love playlist #3!


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